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Sightseeing Tour Luxury Fleet

Adventure Tours officially opened in early 1998 with the intention of being a small “Mom and Pop” operation. By 2014, the company had grown to a fleet of 30 vehicles with 65 wonderful employees and the company continued to grow. Will commented, “Well, I guess we failed at semi-retirement, but we’re having a ball and taking folks out to beautiful places and showing them a wonderful day is a good place to be in life.”

Luxury 7-Passenger 4x4s


For smaller groups and off-road sightseeing tours, we provide luxury seven-passenger 4x4s accompanied and driven by a professional tour guide!

Luxury Mini Coach


Comfort is paramount so we have built many of our mini-coaches with custom leather interiors or supple cloth depending on the model.

Luxury 12-14 Passenger Sprinters


The Mercedes Benz Sprinter has become the mainstay of our fleet. The ride and comfort level is top-of-the-line.